"City of robots" - is a media company, an organiser of large scientific interactive exhibitions "City of Robots" and "Open Space" in the largest cities of Europe.
Projects of "City of robots" company
City of Robots
A big interactive scientific exhibition of robots and modern technologies. Over 60 zones with each of which visitors interact, play, talk, try and control. 70,000 people visit the exhibition each month.
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Open Space
The exhibition consists of several zones: zone of cosmonauts, zone of stars and far-out planets, zone of space missions. The majority of the presented exhibits are made specially for our exhibitions and have no analogues.
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Festival of Robots
An interactive exhibition which presents the latest models of robots from exhibitions in Las Vegas, Beijing and Berlin and 6 technoshow every 30 minutes. Many festival's technologies are exhibited for the first time in Russia.
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Moi Gorod holds interactive scientific exhibitions in the largest cities of Russia
Before the start of "City of Robots" project the professional communities' exhibitions were the only place where the citizens of the most regions could get acquainted with the latest technologies. City of Robots brings technologies at hand and accessible to anyone.

We believe sincerely that we help planting love of children and teenagers for future technologies, engineering and shape the wish to create and invent.

The exhibitions are held in different cities within a limited timeframe: 25 to 48 days, and they always become a season's highlight event. In the photo: performance of City of Robots' theatre of robots in Saratov, in shopping complex "Happy Mall".

City of Robots
72 robots, 8 virtual reality zones, a helicopter controlled by thought, drawing in space and other technologies of the future are presented at the exhibition.
Promobot V4
The latest generation robot Promobot V4 capable of expressing emotions on its "face", moving hands and dancing just like a human. The robot can speak, answer questions and understands when it shall recharge and it stands on the charging station.
Microsoft HoloLens
Unique mixed reality glasses. As distinct from the majority of other virtual reality devices of augmented or mixed reality, HoloLens is autonomous and does not require connection to PC, smartphone or a game console.
A blue-eyed beauty whose face and manners are close to those of a human. It can move around the room, move its arms, head and body. Kiki is capable of recognising a human, talk to her and answer questions.
Open Space
A big interactive scientific exhibition. Space zones are not just beautiful decor, each of them "plays" with a visitor, telling about some interesting facts of the mysterious universe and the life of cosmonauts.
The device will help you to hear your voice as it would be heard under the effect of atmospheres of different planets! A huge light pipe records and transmits your voice to the distance of hundreds of millions of kilometres to space and returns it to headphones as its Martian sound version.
Enter the star zone
Once you get to the site you become a real star which is to evolve from a protostar to a white dwarf. Interact with other stars and experience a big stellar explosion.
Lift to space
You can get to space in a lift absolutely safe and look around! We will even return you to the Earth afterwards :)
Festival of robots
A feast of technologies: robots circus, drone show, orchestra with robotic musicians, red carpet for robotic celebrities and much more astonishing which can be seen only at the Festival of Robots.
Robotic fish
The world's first robotic fish Miro from Korea. It has artificial intelligence and copies the movements of a living fish precisely.
Hypervsn holograms
A unique device for visualisation of a 3D image. The objects literally levitate in air, they move just like in sci-fi films.
Robot Toyota Kirobo
The small robot fits on one's palm, but it has got artificial intelligence, it can tune to one's mood and will be a good friend.
Our partners
Federal universities take part in our exhibitions, we are always supported by the Ministry of Eduction and local authorities.

10 reasons to visit our exhibitions
to your trade centre
Efficient advertisement over the whole region
Before robots the organisers used to establish the most popular mass media in Kazan and Samara. We can make the advertisement that works. Each 15 minutes our promo is played back in the city, each citizen older than 25 sees our advertisement on the Internet.
Fair traffic
The exhibition traffic is at least 80,000 per month. This fact will attract events and leasers to vacant spaces. Just look at the feedback left by the visitors using hash tag #cityofrobots
38 successful exhibitions
The exhibition attracted 2,230,000 people in 30 cities of the country. Our experience allows holding exhibitions at a very high-quality level.
High-quality, stylish development
We have designed a route for visitors over the exhibition meticulously, the design and wall structure were developed by a team of architects.
Our venues are the best shopping malls of the country
The project has already been accommodated in trade centre "Mega" (Kazan), retail and entertainment centre "Aquarelle" (Volgograd), retail and entertainment centre "Park House" (Togliatti), OZ Mall (Krasnodar). In different cities our partners were the world brands: McDonald's, Okey, Lukoil, Auchan, Sportmaster, Detskiy Mir, Leonardo.
Our guests will spend the whole day in the trade centre
The guests may leave and enter the exhibition all through the day, that's why the traffic is enjoyed by the food court and leasers. The guests spend at the exhibition on average 4 hours 21 minutes, very many of them stay for the whole day.
Positive feedback
So that the visitors would not be disappointed with discharged or broken down equipment, we have a stock of 2 or 3 copies of each robot.
We put our heart into it
A team of 9 organisers elaborate each step, text or picture. They adore their job.
Available references
You can request references from the director of any trade centre we cooperated with. We are ready to provide you with our contact details and we are sure of positive feedback.
We are supported by local authorities
Each exhibition event is supported by regional ministries of education and culture, administrations of cities and regions.
What space are we looking for in a trade centre?
Area: 1200-3000 sq. m.
If it is not a single area, it should be connected with passways or a corridor
Smooth, non-dusting surface (ceramic granite, tile)
Availability of illumination
For trade centres and other sites
Kristina Balina
+7 965 596 92 26
For media partners and advertisement
Alina Starodubtseva
+7 927 016 61 83
Staff recruitment
Liliya Diyarova
+7 950 312 28 17
Project Director
Ivan Matiukhin
+7 987 432 05 07
Representative in USA and Canada
Alex Panin
Organizer of foreign exhibitions
Evgeny Lepikhov
+7 937 226 48 46
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