"City of robots" - is an organiser of large scientific interactive exhibitions "City of Robots", "Robot Festival", "City of the Future" and "Wild Africa" show in the major cities of Europe, Russia, Belarus, Turkey and Kazakhstan.
Our current projects
City of Robots (Robot Festival)
The latest robot models and technologies from world presentations in Las Vegas, Beijing and Berlin. 6 tech shows every 30 minutes, the latest virtual reality technologies, neural networks and games. More than 51,000 people visit the exhibition every month.
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Wild Africa
The world's first holographic safari for children and adults. The interactive installations will take visitors to the warm continent to make friends with their inhabitants. "Wild Africa" - is a modern amusement park, with shows and zoos of the future at the same time
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Future City

A large exhibition of future technologies for children and parents. Progressive robots, advanced neural networks, green technologies. A house and garden of the future, a scientist’s “office”, a robot cafe and other latest developments.

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"City of Robots" holds interactive scientific exhibitions in the largest cities of the world.
The interactive project "City of Robot" ("Robot Festival") gives an opportunity for kids and their parents to make acquaintance with the wonderful world of the future, to get into with robots and try on the future technologies.

The project "Wild Africa" shows an astonishing nature of a torrid continent, using advanced augmented VR technologies. Complex terms are explained in simple words, far journey becomes possible and breathtaking.

"City of the Future" shows breakthrough technologies to children and parents. Robots, advanced neural networks, green technologies and a gallery of designs made from recycled materials.

We sincerely believe that we help parents to cultivate in children and teenagers love for the future technologies, formalize the willingness to create and invent.

Robot Festival
Museum of robots, breakthrough technologies and neural networks. There are unique robots from all over the world, tech shows every 30 minutes, a large hall of games with neural networks. Up to 51,000 people visit the exhibition every month.
Robot-dog Unitree
The Unitree robot is a famous robot dog from the Internet-videos. He does somersaults, stands up on its hind legs and executes commands of visitors. It is used in various spheres, such as support of single people, courier services and entertainment.
Robot Cruzr

Cruzr was a robot-dancer at the opening of the Beijing Olympics. This cute robot with incredibly flexible arms patrolls the streets in China and stars in videos for Korean K-pop groups. It even performed in front of Xi Jinping!

Robot XArm
Robot-gardener was created in Singapore. Several years ago all wild orchids became extinct in this country. Then scientists taught robots to take care of flowers, water, nourish the soil and move pots to more lightened places. Now these beautiful flowers are growing again on the streets of Singapore.
Hall of neural networks

The neural network makes visitors' drawings real and tell a fairy tale. Artificial intelligence creates a 3D-photo in Anime style and makes a video using Hollywood technology. The huge "digital head" tells everything about neural networks.

Wild Africa
The world's first holographic safari. 1500 meters jungle, savannah, entertainment, fun, amazing attractions, exotic nature and interesting knowledge.
Travel to "Wild Africa"
Take a walk along the night African lake with glowing lotus. Find yourself in the jungle, walk to the waterfall and start your colored fish and crocodiles - yes, you will have your own crocodile. Surprise the dark night eyes of wild animals, be inside the African flower and listen to the magic singing of rare birds.
Holographically theater safari
Every viewer is a participant of the story. A huge panoramic screen and hologram technology creates a full immersion in the jungle. You can talk to animals, listen to Aboriginal spells, dance with Eio around a magic tree!
Adventures in "Wild Africa"
There are many technological interactive zones and attractions waiting for you. Repent on a swing under a tropical rain. Don't be afraid - you won't get wet - the swing is magical. Fly over Africa on the back of a huge bird-rhino. Take the flight video with you to your memory.
City of the Future

A large exhibition of future technologies for children and parents. Progressive robots, advanced neural networks, green technologies and a gallery of designs made from recycled materials.

Advanced neural networks

A huge avatar with a neural network tells about artificial intelligence. Find out its secrets and test 9 advanced neural networks: they tell fairy tales, make your drawings real and play with you.

Progressive robots

Robot-scientist Einstein, robot-meme Trump, robot-actor Thespian from the UK, incredibly flexible robot Cruzr, that performed in front of Xi Jinping in Beijing, and 60 other robots.

Recycling laboratory

Use a special machine to turn used bottles to a fashionable keychain. A gallery of designs made from recycled materials amazes. There are fabric made from milk, clothes made from banners, chairs made from plastic bottles.

10 reasons to visit our exhibitions
to your trade centre, expo or cultural centre
  • Efficient advertisement over the whole region
    Before robots the organisers used to establish the most popular mass media. We can make the advertisement that works. Each 15 minutes our promo is played back in the city, each citizen older than 25 sees our advertisement on the Internet.
  • Fair traffic
    The exhibition traffic is at least 80,000 per month. This fact will attract events and leasers to vacant spaces. Just look at the feedback left by the visitors using hash tag #cityofrobots
  • 88 successful exhibitions
    The exhibition attracted 4 030 000 people in 88 cities of our country and 7 exhibitions in Europe. Our experience allows holding exhibitions at a very high-quality level.
  • High-quality, stylish development
    We have designed a route for visitors over the exhibition meticulously, the design and wall structure were developed by a team of architects.
  • Our venues are the best shopping malls and expo centre of the country
    The project has already been accommodated in trade centre "Mega" (Kazan), retail and entertainment centre "Ozas" (Vilnious), OZ Mall (Krasnodar), M1 Mall (Tallinn, Poznan), Centrum Chodov (Prague), Atakent Expo (Almaty), Cultural Centre Hellenic Cosmos (Athens). In different cities our partners were the world brands: McDonald's, Okey, Lukoil, Auchan, Sportmaster, Spar, Leonardo.
  • Our guests will spend the whole day in the trade centre
    The guests may leave and enter the exhibition all through the day, that's why the traffic is enjoyed by the food court and leasers. The guests spend at the exhibition on average 4 hours 21 minutes, very many of them stay for the whole day.
  • Positive feedback
    So that the visitors would not be disappointed with discharged or broken down equipment, we have a stock of 2 or 3 copies of each robot.
  • We put our heart into it
    A team of 36 organisers elaborate each step, text or picture. They adore their job.
  • Available references
    You can request references from the director of any trade centre we cooperated with. We are ready to provide you with our contact details and we are sure of positive feedback.
  • We are supported by local authorities
    Each exhibition event is supported by regional ministries of education and culture, administrations of cities and regions.
What space are we looking for?
  • 1
    Area: 1200-2500 sq. m.
    If it is not a single area, it should be connected with passways or a corridor
  • 2
    Smooth, non-dusting surface (ceramic granite, tile)
  • 3
    Availability of illumination

Our exhibitions work in collaboration with companies of all kinds in different regions
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Organizer of exhibitions in EU and Asia
Evgeny Lepikhov
+7 937 226 48 46